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#13 Good For Your Eyes And Good For Your Soul… A Little Help For Eye Strain.

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Bits of healthful information to easily incorporate into your life…

Good Health To You!

When you spend quite a bit of time doing “close” work such as sewing or reading for example, or when you have had a lot of screen time with either a computer monitor or TV screen, eye strain is inevitable.

Prevention is the best solution! Here is just one simple preventative measure. It is good for your eyes and good for your soul.

The good for your eyes part is this:

Take regular breaks to focus your eyes on things that are at different distances. Look up from your work about every 20 minutes, then for 20 seconds, slowly move your eyes around the room to focus on things that are at all different distances from where you are sitting. Set the alarm on your watch or phone, set an egg-timer or tell Alexa to remind you every 20 or so minutes. It’s not a difficult or time-consuming thing to do, you just have to decide to do it.

Now, for the good for your soul bit:

Instead of just sitting in your place, periodically use those 20-second breaks to get up and walk to a window. If you have a porch or balcony to step out onto, then even better. Look out and find the farthest, most beautiful thing you can see to focus on. Now, find something beautiful that is a little closer, focus and repeat as often as you like. Beauty is good for the soul!

Good health to you!

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