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Good Health To You! #10

Bits of healthful information easily incorporated into your life...

And Now, More About Your Feet…Practice your ABC’s!

What an awesome design your feet are!

Each of your feet have approximately 28 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Include your ankles in the mix and you have additional bones, joints and ligaments. All created to be a very mobile foundation.

The foundation of a home, if not maintained, may begin to crumble and cause the home to become uninhabitable. There is quite a long list of conditions that can afflict your feet. Maintain your feet, the foundation of your body, for as long as you can.


This is one very simple, feel good way to be proactive with your foot/ankle care. Do this before getting up in the morning. A good excuse to linger in bed for a minute or two longer. Or you can do this anytime you are relaxing with your feet up.

Imagine that your two big toes are pieces of chalk (or any writing device of your choice). Begin writing your ABC’s in the air. Write with a flourish. Flex as many of those muscles and bend as many of those joints as you can.

That’s it. Simple.

It is always wise to get an accurate diagnosis from a medical professional to determine the cause of your pain. Information found here is not meant to take the place of treatment recommended by your doctor.

Good health to you!


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