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#11 Are You Strangling Your Feet?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

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Good health to you!

We all know that wearing shoes that are too tight is just wrong. What I’m talking about are SOCKS that are too tight.

How do you know if you are strangling your feet? When you take your socks off, do you have elastic marks anywhere on your feet, ankles, legs? Yes? That is a problem. It may explain your mysterious foot pain.

Important to fix!

Those elastic marks may cause pain due to:

1-Compressed nerves.

2-Constricted blood flow that deprives your muscles of needed nutrients and oxygen.

3-Pressure on blood and lymph vessels can cause swelling because fluid movement is restricted.

Uncomfortable feet can ruin your day!

Parents, this applies to the little feet in your family as well.

Easy to fix!

At my house, this is what we do:

After cutting the elastic, we have never had a problem with our socks falling down. The socks have never unraveled in the wash. We have only altered our machine-made socks, so if you wear hand-knit socks or socks made of a material that may run or unravel, you probably should not cut them.

Compression stockings?

There are circumstances in which compression stockings are needed. There is a right way and a wrong way to wear compression stockings. That is a conversation for you to have with your healthcare provider.

Be kind to your feet. Your whole body will feel better. And as always, a good foot massage helps everything. For more help for your feet see my blog post More About Your Feet…Practice your ABC’s! and Untuck Those Sheets!... Be kind to your feet

Good health to you!

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