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#9 A Sprained Tail?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

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Well, 2020 has certainly started out with a crash. Staying safe at home means we have had to make all sorts of adaptations to hold on to some sort of normalcy in our lives. In some ways the changes are good, and in some ways the changes are stressful. 

But enough about us humans… what about our animal friends? Their lives have also changed in many ways. Now, their people are at home a whole lot more than they are accustomed to. Maybe no more long, lazy afternoon naps in peace and quiet. Maybe they feel tension from the stresses the other family members feel. Just as with us humans, in some ways the changes are good, and in some ways the changes are stressful. 

Take for example Rolo the dachshund who lives in Essex, England. For him, his people being home all of the time was a good change. He was so happy that he couldn’t stop wagging his little tail. But this also caused stress…physical stress. He sprained his tail with all of that wagging!  Check out this link to his story:

I know you are looking forward to drifting away into that peaceful place in your mind when you come to me for your next massage. But what about your little (or big) animal friends? Yes! They too can have a relaxing massage. You can give your critters a very nice massage yourself and this will cause them to adore you even more than they do already. And, it really is not a difficult task. You need to engage the muscles, not simply pet the fur. However, some kinds of critters just prefer petting. Plain old petting can relieve stress also. If your pet is sick, get your vet’s ok before you massage.

There are many “how to massage your pet” sites on the internet. I like these wikihow sites, they come with pictures:

The bonus is, you will get the same feel good hormones from giving the massage, that your pet gets from receiving the massage. Win! Win!

Good health to you and your pets!

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My cats love massage!

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