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Do you have questions about what to expect during your massage session?

Please feel free to email Vicktoria with your questions at: 

Q: Should I talk during my massage or can I be quiet?


A: The short answer is this:

You will get a better massage if you are quiet. 

However, you certainly should speak up if something about your massage is uncomfortable. This could include things such as asking for more or less pressure, saying that you feel too warm or too cool, the music is too loud or too soft, telling your therapist that they have a sharp fingernail. Anything that detracts from the enjoyment of your massage should be vocalized. Don't worry, your therapist won't be offended. They want to keep you totally comfortable.

Also, if your therapist is doing something that feels awesome and you want more of that, say so. It is helpful to the therapist to if you communicate what you like and what needs attention.

Sometimes a person needs to talk for awhile in order to unwind and relax. If you need to do that, then do it, it’s fine. But, keep in mind that the sooner you are able to quiet your mind and quiet your voice, the sooner you will be able to sink into deep physical relaxation. 

If your therapist isn’t distracted by conversation, then they can concentrate entirely on what they are feeling, on what your muscles are telling them. You will get a better massage if you are quiet.






Sanitation Protocol:

Your therapist has been fully vaccinated against COVID 19 but will gladly wear a mask if you have not been vaccinated.

1Shoes must be removed upon entry.

2 Your therapist washes hands and arms with warm soapy

water before and after each client.

3 Clean, fresh linens are used for each client.

4 Massage table and chair are sanitized after each use. 

5 There is no cross contamination of lubricants between clients. 

6 All tools used by your therapist are sanitized after each client.

7 Sanitizer, soap, water and paper towels are available to clients. 

9 The bathroom and office areas are cleaned and sanitized regularly.


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